Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Yo, here to wish you all a happy Halloween I have two little tracks I just uploaded from my loop station.

The first is a loop I made a few weeks back.. its only 12sec long yet I recorded a good minute

This is a loop of a song I've been writing.. total rough draft... as always... yet last night I figured I would do my best to pump out a recording just for critique.

Let me know what you guys think.... feel free to use.. and have a sweet night.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sound Design 2

Second Project (officially the 3rd) that I have created for my sound design course...

This is a more classically based piece which is dynamic in the sense that it has multiple movements.. I was up till 5am working on this bad boy.
Essentially what you hear here is multiple midi tracks divided inverted and reversed and manipulated in a way to produce killer wine sipping fancy fancy music.


Chris - Her House

Who's house? Your house!

Song: Your House

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

new Cave Paintings minmal psych

ever been stoned and craving a certain type of song but cant think of the right artist to play? well today that happened to me i was craving some minimal psychedelic rock and i didnt know who to turn to so I just decided to make what I wanted. This is what came out...

It's called Labrador


photo cred. rolf hicker...

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I have a proposal/gimmick. I say we release web compilations on the blog. They wouldn't have to have any sort of rigid regularity, more just like a Million Hands Halloween Compilation or Winter or Christmas or etc any sort of theme will do. We could elect a theme and then set a deadline (preferably a few weeks I suppose) and then I could compile them and someone could make cover art and we could post the album for download here. All Million Hands artists are invited to participate as well as collect songs from friends that would fit. New songs would be preferable, but anything that isn't already up on the blog would be fine. Let me know watch'yall think.

And a Happy Halloween full of haunting to all.


Good Find

Ever come across a piece of music in your recordings and have no idea when you made it but you really wish you did? Tonight I found a track Dan and I recorded over the summer and regrettably did nothing with it. I dove into my pile of unnamed/unused samples from last year and put on a whole bunch of extremely low sounds in the mix. I love finding music that i can't remember making, it's like finding a 20$ bill in your jacket pocket... and you haven't worn the jacket since last winter.

Track Name: Summer Gem

P.S. Please keep on the lookout for MPP to leak and I'll do the same for sure!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cave Paintings w/ Vocals demo up!

First Cave Paintings demo w/ vocals up.

Has a weird my bloody valentine/garageness to it rather than folky but it just came out and I didnt stop it.

Oh and lyrics again

Rabbit Islands (Part I)

Loose fur,
I headed to check the traps.
It was a, crude drawing.
Marveled at the miles of slack.
Playing the Duke and the Dauphin.
Straw hands,
in the grasp of your patience it's,
Happening once,
Happens all the time.

Split hairs,
but nothing snared in the traps.
It was a, cracked yawn.
When you showed your teeth at last.
I know it, wasn't what I'd promised.
I wasn't one to want, at last the problem it's,
Happening once,
or it happens all the time.
I said it's, either happening once,
or it's gonna happen all the time.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So, final resting place for Heliotropes/Rothko's Chapel Party/Khaki Hollow is................

Chalky Studabaker? no

Opposable Drums? nope

Dripped Plumes? YES

Dripped Plumes, where vocals will now be a regular part of the presentation. 2 1/2 songs done, shooting for 4 to make an EP (currently untitled).

Going into the studio Saturday morning.

Myspace page is the same.

(You can still call me Rothko)


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Half Cloud

Every once and a while I go over to these kids' house on Kelsey St and jam out with them.. here is a song me and B did. B is playing drums.. this is a super rough demo and all, but please critique... hopefully me and the kelsey guys will work on developing this tune a bit more... lyrics, vocal jams, guitar, bass and more drums.. etc... anyways check it out!!!



Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chris Ssorg - Little Dweamers

Little Dweamers

Yo guys new song called Little Dweamers and make a wish cause it's 11:11 in length! I really wanted this song to have clearer vocals due to the lessening fear of hearing myself on microphone. Lyrics!

Lilac trees and willow keys
Never ever ever weened
always drinking from the teet
of blue, purples, and greens

Shiny skies and magic highs
singing waters smell like pies
sureal waters flying high and make
all the little dreamers shake

around and around and up and down and
around and around wearing suits and gowns
they shake

around and around and up and down and
around and around wearing suits and gowns
they shake

around and around and up and down and
around and around wearing suits and gowns

may i have this dance?

Turn the key to open the tree
knots and holes fill their souls
with hedge mazes and head dazes
let's get lost with the
Little Dweamers

lets get stuck together
lets wander around together
lets get dazed together
lets spend days together
lets find a maze together

just me and you
and you and me
and me and you
and you and me
and me and you
and you and me
and me and me
and you and you
and me and you
and you and you

We'll dream more than all the little dreamers
we'll see more than all the little seers
we'll drink more than all the little beers

the open grasslands with the pink bubble skies will be ours as we cry
we're the cheerers, we're the seers, we're the beer's, the only dweamers

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sound Design I made this for my sound design class.. we had to create an environment using noises we recorded. Put some head phones on, turn up and give it a listen.. let me know what you think of it.. it's very rough as always.

First Rothko song w/ Vocals

So last night I made a new song and decided to finally give my mic a try. It's not mixed or anything but I thought I'd share anyways.

it's called "Holotypes"

since the lyrics are hard to understand (if anyone cares):


A north facing house,
passed on my way down.
Lighting your own fire.

Some careful brushing,
in the loam waiting.
I haven't an offer,
for your old gloves.


On the way,
when they dig up your bones and your so,
embarrassed for me.
Wearing your old gloves.


I buried my head,
in ivy turned red.
Climbing up the brick wall.
A north facing house,
better side of town.
I haven't an offer,
for your old gloves.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Here's some more for your head

1. Track I made with this dude I know overlooking the Hudson.. it needs to be EQ'd.. the main part is my guitar

2. Track I did to celebrate the first month of school. Also RAW and totally Jazzy.

send me your samples, I need a library for my sound design class, bitches.

Also.. I will be home Oct 16th, we are hanging out.

Monday, October 6, 2008

All Asia

Hey guys, Sir H.C. Ssorg just got added to the bill at this weekends all asia. Help make this the best all asia turnout ever!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Just in case anyone has been living under a rock

Ununi - Born Bludgeoned EP


(Click image to download)

_Rothko for Ununi