Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Yo, here to wish you all a happy Halloween I have two little tracks I just uploaded from my loop station.

The first is a loop I made a few weeks back.. its only 12sec long yet I recorded a good minute

This is a loop of a song I've been writing.. total rough draft... as always... yet last night I figured I would do my best to pump out a recording just for critique.

Let me know what you guys think.... feel free to use.. and have a sweet night.


secretivishsounds said...

yo dude sorry bout the delayed response, been so busy with the Halloween weekend! Hope your Holloween was awesome man

I love the loop, it actually reminds me a little bit of the earthbound soundtrack in sound, and i'll definitely try and work with it, maybe put some lyrics over it. I'm thinkin a "city" theme when i hear it so maybe i'll write about that. Umass is kind of like a city with all the cars so i can see some lyrics coming together.

the track is really good too man it sounds like a faster, busier, more dynamic fennez at times... if that makes any sense. you should maybe try layering some electronics over your guitaring, i think that would go really nicely with all the super atmosphericness of your guitar pieces and make the sound a little bit more dynamic in a way that wouldn't pin the song to an specific instrumental sound.

Dash said...

not sure i know what you mean by electronics.. samples? reason?

it is tough working with only one instrument.. yet im doing my best to make each different and interesting in its own unique way.

As always, thanks for listening and for the feedback

secretivishsounds said...

i really see where your coming from. your songs definitely sound unique and i wasn't trying to bash you for only using the guitar. I could just really imagine some lite electronics (like sampling and softening the electric sound of plugging/unpluggin an amp)weaving in and out of your song, i think it would make it sound very pretty.

A little unrelated, but I read in an AC interview that during there recording of HCTI they really focused on making sure some parts of the songs were overly confusing which would make the listeners feel a little uncomfortable so that way when the pretty or fun parts came in those moments would feel so much more valuable. Not sure how you would want to apply this if you did, but i found that to be a pretty useful tip that's helped guide me a fair amount.
Keep pumpin shit out cause i love listening to it mang!

Dash said...

that's a really good point about the AC thing.. I do put a lot of empathize on making each note sound as pretty as the next.. guess it does affect the value overall. I'll mess around and do some new recordings. Thanks again!

I need to get some multi-tracking down...

A Million Hands Records said...

i definitely here a little bit of Fennesz too which is a good thing, I like the first track the best for sure. I could maybe use the 12second loop in Reason, we shall see. Check your myspace for a message from cave paintings