Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hey EVRYONE or ANYONE who checks out this blog. I'm working on an album, "With You, Before the Cold" which i want to be a compilation album with all you guys! If you have any tracks you're willing to let me tamper with I'd loooove to work on em! The only rule is that it's gotta be done before well... it gets too cold out! Smashley and El Conant-o have allready been mixed in and anyone else interested has me interested! Here are a few tracks from the Album thus far.

http://www.mediafire.com/?zejmrzjdonj - Far Away with DAN SMASH
http://www.mediafire.com/?t5myyzm4inj - Only Beach Hut with PABLO CONANTO

Monday, September 22, 2008

Guitar tracks

Last week I recorded a few guitar tracks. Nothing too special, but in retrospect I'm beginning to dig the little bit that I got down. So here it is, slightly cleaned up... *.mp3 format.. etc

Leave me some feedback. Feel free to mess with the tracks in any way you want to, just let me know what you end up doing!


5 I like this one... changes 3min in...

4 some riff I came up with over the summer...




Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Overslept

Here's something to get the music sharing aspect of this thing sparked, this is the instrumental to a new track of mine, which I'll be recording vocals for. Idk what project name it falls under, Paul thinks it sounds like Prince!

It's called Iggy Above the Mirror


R.I.P. P.M.W. <3

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Other Blogs

Check these other pages for top secret material:

Mr. Chris Grossman

Ms. Nivloc

Assorted madness

In other news, I am now in possesion of a Roland Edirol recorder.. its somewhat decent in terms of quality. Hoping to get some recording time down with that bad boy. Chris has been kind enough to keep me posted and knee deep in new material.

On my side I have been working on new ideas for songs. Mostly acoustic, classical almost.. yet still on my off days I bring back the sonic shit. I miss my amps. I miss my recording space and most of all I miss all y'all. muthafuckawsidoajwdiajwdiowjdoajYEAH!!

Also, if you have posting rights, PLEASe feel free to write something.. anything, I don't care. Even better if you could upload new music... Erik, Paul, Alto, I know you guys are always doing that, so goddamn get connected, put up those jams on mediafire, we need it, we want it, we neeeeed

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to skoo

I have a feeling this blog is going to be somewhat inactive, hopefully not for a very long time.
As most of you know, many of us are off doing stupid college shit. Since I just moved in and am still getting myself settled, it might be a while before I can work on music to post.
This isn't the case for everyone, so please send mike or myself a message so we can set you guys up on this blog.
Just give us your e-mail account and we can send out invitations for posting privileges.

Hope to hear from ya all soon

Upcoming Show!

September, 14 2008 at All Asia Cafe
334 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Massachusetts 01239
Cost : Free

Polio Sunflower--Danielle Lessard---Neon Foxface----Ununi---Gaetana Brown---DJ Humiliation------I the Eye

Awesome line-up, alot of first time performances that are sure to be pretty fucking awesome. Free show, one drink minimum, please find your way into Cambridge.

Also happening is the Back to School Show @ Andrew Hall in the center of Lunenburg, MA on September 6th which will feature Milk3000.