Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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Check these other pages for top secret material:

Mr. Chris Grossman

Ms. Nivloc

Assorted madness

In other news, I am now in possesion of a Roland Edirol recorder.. its somewhat decent in terms of quality. Hoping to get some recording time down with that bad boy. Chris has been kind enough to keep me posted and knee deep in new material.

On my side I have been working on new ideas for songs. Mostly acoustic, classical almost.. yet still on my off days I bring back the sonic shit. I miss my amps. I miss my recording space and most of all I miss all y'all. muthafuckawsidoajwdiajwdiowjdoajYEAH!!

Also, if you have posting rights, PLEASe feel free to write something.. anything, I don't care. Even better if you could upload new music... Erik, Paul, Alto, I know you guys are always doing that, so goddamn get connected, put up those jams on mediafire, we need it, we want it, we neeeeed

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