Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good Find

Ever come across a piece of music in your recordings and have no idea when you made it but you really wish you did? Tonight I found a track Dan and I recorded over the summer and regrettably did nothing with it. I dove into my pile of unnamed/unused samples from last year and put on a whole bunch of extremely low sounds in the mix. I love finding music that i can't remember making, it's like finding a 20$ bill in your jacket pocket... and you haven't worn the jacket since last winter.

Track Name: Summer Gem

P.S. Please keep on the lookout for MPP to leak and I'll do the same for sure!


Dash said...

nice.. that must be pre glass ink

secretivishsounds said...

yeah it must have been cause the sample that comes in 1/2 through the track (the one with the vinyl sound) wasn't on my sampler almost all summer. still a pretty good find all things considered, what do you think of the sampling over it?

A Million Hands Records said...

i ammmmmm diggin it. recovering old songs is like looking through a photo album, but way better