Wednesday, October 8, 2008

First Rothko song w/ Vocals

So last night I made a new song and decided to finally give my mic a try. It's not mixed or anything but I thought I'd share anyways.

it's called "Holotypes"

since the lyrics are hard to understand (if anyone cares):


A north facing house,
passed on my way down.
Lighting your own fire.

Some careful brushing,
in the loam waiting.
I haven't an offer,
for your old gloves.


On the way,
when they dig up your bones and your so,
embarrassed for me.
Wearing your old gloves.


I buried my head,
in ivy turned red.
Climbing up the brick wall.
A north facing house,
better side of town.
I haven't an offer,
for your old gloves.


Dash said...

fucking awesome, love it. Though i wish i could hear your voice a bit more.. maybe you should clean up the mix a bit.. a little less reverb?

secretivishsounds said...

new favorite rothko song!