Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sound Design 2

Second Project (officially the 3rd) that I have created for my sound design course...

This is a more classically based piece which is dynamic in the sense that it has multiple movements.. I was up till 5am working on this bad boy.
Essentially what you hear here is multiple midi tracks divided inverted and reversed and manipulated in a way to produce killer wine sipping fancy fancy music.



secretivishsounds said...

very cool man! the sound quality is great was that done in reason? and what did you do to get those fretty samples at the end?

Dash said...

so far i've been using primarily reason.. for the samples.. i open with a those wind chimes from my house and the second one is a flock of little birds that were in a tree outside my window a few weeks ago.. miss those little dudes.

Beyond that its all piano and some light acoustic harmonics

Glad you like it!