Monday, October 20, 2008

Cave Paintings w/ Vocals demo up!

First Cave Paintings demo w/ vocals up.

Has a weird my bloody valentine/garageness to it rather than folky but it just came out and I didnt stop it.

Oh and lyrics again

Rabbit Islands (Part I)

Loose fur,
I headed to check the traps.
It was a, crude drawing.
Marveled at the miles of slack.
Playing the Duke and the Dauphin.
Straw hands,
in the grasp of your patience it's,
Happening once,
Happens all the time.

Split hairs,
but nothing snared in the traps.
It was a, cracked yawn.
When you showed your teeth at last.
I know it, wasn't what I'd promised.
I wasn't one to want, at last the problem it's,
Happening once,
or it happens all the time.
I said it's, either happening once,
or it's gonna happen all the time.

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secretivishsounds said...

another great song man, your vocals bring out so many new feelings in your music