Sunday, October 26, 2008


I have a proposal/gimmick. I say we release web compilations on the blog. They wouldn't have to have any sort of rigid regularity, more just like a Million Hands Halloween Compilation or Winter or Christmas or etc any sort of theme will do. We could elect a theme and then set a deadline (preferably a few weeks I suppose) and then I could compile them and someone could make cover art and we could post the album for download here. All Million Hands artists are invited to participate as well as collect songs from friends that would fit. New songs would be preferable, but anything that isn't already up on the blog would be fine. Let me know watch'yall think.

And a Happy Halloween full of haunting to all.



Dash said...

im sure Chris will agree with me.. that that is a wonderful idea.. definitely could help motivate all of us.. lets do it mann

secretivishsounds said...

im in.

proposed theme: a really big moment or learning experience from your adolescence