Tuesday, March 31, 2009

From Jeff

Bunny Holocaust - Collected Tapes 05-09 (2009)
Jeff put all the best stuff on a mix for people to listen too. Here's the track listing cause this shit aint broken up. Prepare for a 50 minute crash session when you hear this baaaaby.
1. Sad Muscles
2. Fuck a Dock
3. Fuck a day pt.2
4. After Everything
5. Mustard Gas and Roses (Live)
6. Hell Song (Live)
7. Distance (Live)
8. Needy (Live)
9.Reiko (Live)
10.Sad Muscles Have Excitement (Live)
11.Irony is Evil (Live)
12. Moon Rising (Live)
13.Useless (Live)
14. Chemical Burn
15.Mullet Like a Mane
16. Navajo R-Bomb
17. Suicidal Kat
18. Camel Holocaust

Residents of Mortville - Wiss Gross (2009)
This is a few cool Mortivlle Jams strung together. I'm on the second mix track so give it a listen! Eunice Pringle Single is the one but the rest is so good too.

Alto Jeffro - Yahtoo Demos #8 (2009)
Some tracks repeat from the other Yahtoo Demo but to keep the piece in tact i kept them together. "When You Make Me Come" is so good i haven't heard the rest of it cause the it's been on repeat for hours now.

Alto Jeffro - Yahtoo Demos (2009)
Finally! New Alto Jeffro! These are the demos he gave that he mixed with an 8 track. Some really, really great stuff here. Alto meets noise? Oh yeah. I love it but my favorites are still going to be the acoustics and this album has some of my new favorites. It's a little less catchy than the first album, but it feels like it has more depth in the music. This album is so great give it a download and a listen. My favorite tracks: "I'm Sorry", "Normal Deamons and Christmas Seasons", "Rocky Racoon"

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