Monday, March 30, 2009

Big BIG Back Catalouge Update

Chris Gross - Neon Foxface (2008)
A compilation of early work from the days of Neon Foxface. 15 Tracks of rocky loopy experimentation. Tracks to look out for: Bloody Insect, Sandpress, L'Ollie Pop

Chris Gross - Rum Alive [EP] (2008)
A slight re-working of the first [ep] originally titled Go Fetch Water. The new title is more true to the feelings of what was going on back in the day. Tracks to listen to: Waves, Rum Alive

Glass Ink - Whispered. (2008)
The first Glass Ink release, a series of songs played live almost back to back. Colleen on vocals is most excellent. Lots of high pitch wailing and voice cracking from me. Dan sets the melody. Listen for: Brushstrokes

Glass Ink - Natural Steppe (2009)
Dan and Chris mostly. Paul and Eric are on here too! Tracks to listen to: Fawn, Therd Fase, Dessert Looks Away

Chris Gross, Paul Conant - Nighttime Stories: Nuke the Whales (2008)
This record was made in Cape Cod. Moods were all over the place during our recording sessions. Paul's guitaring and melodies are really emotional. Please listen to this to hear Paul. He needs to be heard by the world. Listen to: All of it!

Next Update: Residents Of Mordville, Bunny Holocaust, NEW ALTO JJ


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