Monday, November 24, 2008

mike, would you be against posting links to albums not related to a million hands on here?


Dash said...

like a music blog?
my only concern is us losing the blog completely.. I don't mind sharing music yet we should try to keep the focus of this blog on our own scene.

What were you planning on posting?

secretivishsounds said...

It'd be cool if we could put the music we've been listening too online to help get inside each others heads a little bit. It's easy to know what everyone's listening too when you see them a lot, but i don't see you two so often anymore. I'm sure were all listening to different records and songs these days and i think it'd be cool to find out what you guys are listening to for inspiration.

besides we all check this site out multiple times a day according to the traffic feed so getting a new post more than once a week could be pretty rad

Dash said...

sounds fine to me. i doubt mike will have much objection. just gotta keep this blog organized for when we actually do post our newest works

A Million Hands Records said...

Christoff, short answer: no I dont mind. But, for the sake of maintaining the blog, I would prefer we set a few guidelines. Posting links to individual MP3's of songs is pretty innocuous, and should be fine, but if you are going to link to an album, I ask that you obscure the URL so it's not clickable like they do on collected animals. (i.e., change the begginning of the link from "http" to "hxxp" so the person has to cut and paste and fix the link.) A few seconds more work, but spares us from alot of responsibility. Looking forward to seeing ya'll in a few days


A Million Hands Records said...

p.s. sorry I haven't gotten around to checking out the recent song posts yet, shit's been quite busy and I like to actually have time 2 listen 2 them, not while multitasking, but I will do so asap