Sunday, July 26, 2009


This shit was recorded in my basement on 7-22-09.. and I couldn't figure out what to name our trio (chris justin and myself) so for the time being it will be under A MILLION HANDS.

The first track we're talking the talk that we always happen to talk about, and that is the talk of talking about making one big ole' band. Honestly, we jam back and forth from person to person whenever someone is available (that could be you!) but a few of us if not all of us believe that it's time to join forces and form some super band.

So um, this isn't all of us, Erik and Paul are needed.. and I don't think there is any recordings of me, justin, chris, erik and paul all playing together at once.. but goddamn it has got to happen.

Help us make it happen! Help me, help you, help us all!

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